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AutoQuery GPT

AutoQuery GPT

AutoQueryGPT - Easy and Efficient Way to Ask Questions to ChatGPT

AutoQueryGPT is a platform that allows users to ask questions to ChatGPT and get answers automatically, providing them with time-saving and performance benefits.



Learnable latent embeddings for joint behavioural and neural analysis

Mapping behavioural actions to neural activity is a fundamental goal of neuroscience. As our ability to record large neural and behavioural data increases, there is growing interest in modeling neural dynamics during adaptive behaviors to probe neural representations. In particular, neural latent embeddings can reveal underlying correlates of behavior, yet, we lack non-linear techniques that can explicitly and flexibly leverage joint behavior and neural data. Here, we fill this gap with a novel method, CEBRA, that jointly uses behavioural and neural data in a hypothesis- or discovery-driven manner to produce consistent, high-performance latent spaces. We validate its accuracy and demonstrate our tool's utility for both calcium and electrophysiology datasets, across sensory and motor tasks, and in simple or complex behaviors across species. It allows for single and multi-session datasets to be leveraged for hypothesis testing or can be used label-free. Lastly, we show that CEBRA can be used for the mapping of space, uncovering complex kinematic features, and rapid, high-accuracy decoding of natural movies from visual cortex. | Cookieless Personalization Without Limitations powers personalization and relevance for 2,500+ stores worldwide to grow sales across site search, product recommendations, emails, social media & ads

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AI-Optimized Customer and Employee Experiences - automates front-office and back-office interactions for every industry by deploying conversational AI-first virtual assistants and process assistants.

Listing Copy AI

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