Ease of Making Money Using Midjourney
Last Updated
05 July 2023

Fastest And Proven Ways To Make Money Using Midjourney AI Arts

In today's digital age, the fusion of technology and art has opened up exciting opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. If you're looking for the fastest and most proven ways to monetize your art, then Midjourney is one of the best options. In this article, we will explore the techniques and strategies that will enable you to tap into this burgeoning market, establish a profitable business, and turn your passion for art into a Profitable venture.

1. Make Money Selling Midjourney Prompts:

Prompts have proven to be a profitable venture, with numerous opportunities for sales. For instance, an Etsy store has achieved remarkable success, generating over $50,000 in just six months by selling prompts. The key to prompt sales success lies in saving people time and effort. By curating and refining prompts, you provide a valuable service that customers are willing to pay for. Prompts can be tailored for various purposes, such as generating SEO content or creating AI-generated art through platforms like Midjourney.

Exploring AI Art Prompts for Architecture:

To illustrate the process, let's focus on AI art prompts for architecture using Midjourney. By researching popular search terms, we find that "Midjourney prompts for architecture" receives approximately 90 monthly searches, with a growing trend. Additionally, modifying the search terms reveals profitable niches such as realism, characters, and aesthetics for specific applications like business logos, coloring books, and wall art. These niches offer ample opportunities for creating prompt guides.

Generating Prompts with ChatGPT and Midjourney:

To create AI art prompts, we can utilize the ChatGPT plugin integrated with Midjourney. By becoming a ChatGPT Plus user, you can instruct ChatGPT to generate Midjourney prompts seamlessly. For example, you can request a futuristic building prompt in the style of renowned architect Zaha Hadid. After receiving two prompt options, you can input them into Midjourney and generate more architecture prompts.

Crafting an Engaging Guide with Kittl:

To present your prompts in an appealing format, you can use design tools like Kittl. This AI design tool offers advanced text effects and a variety of professionally designed templates. By selecting a suitable template, such as a modern urban street photography poster, you can customize it to fit your architecture prompts. Adjust the aspect ratio, apply black and white with high contrast, and create a visually stunning cover for your prompt guide.


Enhancing Your Design with Figma:

To combine your prompts into a comprehensive guide, you can use design software like Figma. Create multiple artboards, paste the prompts and example images, and organize the layout. You can add page numbers, a contents page, and an introduction to guide readers effectively. For content creation, you can leverage ChatGPT to generate an engaging introduction for an AI art prompt book focused on architecture.

Exporting and Marketing Your Book:

Once you have compiled all the prompts and designed the guide, export it as a PDF. This file can be uploaded to various online marketplaces for sale. To attract potential customers, create preview images using architectural photos and book cover mock-ups. Platforms like Prompt Base offer individual prompt sales, but to maximize your reach, consider selling on established marketplaces. Conduct thorough research to determine profitable niches and price your product competitively.

Driving Traffic and Promoting Your Prompts:

To increase visibility and generate traffic to your prompt offerings, consider Using various marketing strategies. Creating blog posts with top prompts in different categories can attract organic traffic. Drive readers towards your paid offerings by offering a selection of free prompts within the blog post. Also, try social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram to promote your work. You can even promote your prompt guides within Midjourney.

2. Fiverr: The Platform for AI Services

Fiverr, a popular freelancing platform, has recognized the potential of AI and has introduced a dedicated section for AI services. Freelancers can now offer their AI expertise in various categories, including application development, art, AI models, music videos, fact-checking, and content editing. This platform enables sellers to monetize their AI skills and earn substantial income.

AI Art: A Profitable Opportunity

One particularly profitable area within AI services on Fiverr is AI art. By using tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E, artists can generate stunning images based on prompts or single lines of text. Midjourney offers simplicity and high-quality results. Artists specializing in Midjourney art tend to earn more compared to other AI tools on Fiverr.

Earnings Potential:

Looking at some successful gigs on Fiverr, it becomes evident that selling AI services can be highly profitable. Let's focus on the Midjourney artists, who have gained significant traction and earnings on the platform. By offering their services at a rate of $30 per gig, and assuming an hour to complete each order, they earn $30 per hour. Some artists have received over 150+ reviews, resulting in monthly earnings ranging from $1,200 to $4,500, with additional revenue from pending orders.

Fiverr gig generating 100$ daily

Setting Up Your Gig:

Creating a gig on Fiverr is a straightforward process. After signing up as a seller, you can list your services, upload sample images, set prices, and wait for sales to come in. It's recommended to offer a variety of gigs to increase visibility and your chances of generating sales. The key is to showcase your unique style and artistic capabilities to attract potential buyers.

The Role of Discord and Midjourney:

To access the Midjourney bot and start generating images, you'll need a Discord account, which is free to create. Once you've joined the Midjourney server, you can begin practicing and creating images. While initial access to Midjourney is free, upgrading to a paid plan is advisable for consistent image generation and commercial rights.

3. Midjourney and Etsy:

To begin, we will use Midjourney to create designs based on popular search terms. This step is crucial as it ensures that our decisions are data-driven. For instance, a keyword like "tattoo design" receives over 1.4 million searches per month. By using prompts like "/imagine butterfly tattoo design, black and white, no skin, no background, just the design," we can generate various design options. This approach enables us to tap into the massive demand for butterfly tattoos and related variations.

Midjourney prompts for tattoo designs

Understanding the Importance of Traffic and Offer:

What many "make money" gurus fail to teach is that success hinges on obtaining the right traffic and having a compelling offer. This concept applies across different platforms and niches. It begs the question: are these gurus intentionally withholding information to keep viewers engaged? Having been in this industry for over 11 years, I can attest that the strategy remains consistent. It revolves around attracting the right traffic and presenting an enticing offer.

Enhancing Etsy Listings:

When it comes to selling on Etsy, simply listing your designs and hoping for sales is not enough to achieve optimal results. Drawing from my past experience with a successful tattoo website, I discovered a strategy that yielded impressive results in a short amount of time.

The first step in optimizing your Etsy listings is to use the invaluable data obtained from Alura. This AI-powered platform provides insights into popular search terms, allowing you to create designs that align with current trends and capture the attention of your target audience. By using this data-driven approach, you can craft listings that have a higher chance of being discovered by potential buyers.

To further optimize your Etsy listings, make use of the platform's features and tools. Write compelling and concise descriptions using ChatGPT that highlight the unique features of your designs and evoke an emotional connection with your audience. Use the available space to provide relevant information such as sizing options, materials used, and care instructions.

Etsy listings

Identifying Demand and Using Other Traffic Sources:

It's important to recognize that demand exists beyond Etsy alone. Platforms like search engines, Instagram, Facebook groups, TikTok, and YouTube offer immense traffic potential. For example, Facebook groups dedicated to tattoo ideas boast hundreds of thousands of members. By using these platforms, you can drive traffic to your Etsy store or website, increasing your chances of generating sales. Additionally, content creation on YouTube or blog platforms can further amplify your reach.

Using the Power of Keywords and Content

By identifying popular keywords and creating designs that align with them, you can cater to the demand. Midjourney enables you to generate a variety of tattoo designs based on specific search terms. You can also use AI tools like ChatGPT to generate engaging content related to tattoo styles, providing valuable information to potential customers. By combining attractive designs and informative content, you can create a compelling offer that can lead to increased sales.

To maximize our strategy, you should create a simple website using platforms like WordPress.

4. Print On Demand: Selling T-Shirt Designs

Using ChatGPT for Design Prompts:

To start the design process, we'll use ChatGPT to generate design prompts. We asked ChatGPT about the ideal target audience for a print-on-demand t-shirt business. While ChatGPT's information is based on data up until 2021, it still provides a good starting point for our illustration. Based on the options provided by ChatGPT, we identify interesting terms like pop culture, gamers, travelers, fitness enthusiasts, and college students. These insights will help us create relevant and appealing designs.

awesome t-shirt designs

Generating Design Prompts with Midjourney:

We'll use Midjourney, an AI design tool, to generate our t-shirt designs. In setting up a dedicated channel for t-shirt designs on Midjourney's Discord server, we explored different design prompts. However, it's important to avoid using prompts with words since Midjourney doesn't handle them well in images. After receiving prompts from ChatGPT, we proceed with prompts related to nature's beauty, 90s nostalgia, fitness lovers, college students, and more.

Exploring Midjourney's Design Options:

As we navigate Midjourney, we discover an array of design options that align with our prompts. We carefully examine each design, considering their color schemes, styles, and backgrounds. By selecting the most appealing designs, we can envision their potential for t-shirts and other print-on-demand products. Midjourney proves to be a valuable tool for generating impressive visuals that resonate with different themes and target audiences.

Print-on-demand t-shirt design using midjourney

Removing Backgrounds and Upscaling Images

Once you have chosen your designs, you need to remove the backgrounds and enhance their quality. We have two options for this: using Canva or Photoshop. In Canva, you can resize the image, access the background remover tool, and effortlessly remove the background. Alternatively, in Photoshop, you can create a duplicate layer, utilize the "remove background" feature, and achieve the desired result. Additionally, you can upscale the images using various online tools to improve their resolution for better print quality.

Preparing Images for Print-on-Demand Platforms:

With our background-removed and upscaled images, you're ready to proceed to our chosen print-on-demand platform. You can use Printify to upload the images and generate mockups. You can witness the transformation of our designs into visually appealing t-shirt prints within minutes. It's worth noting that these images are versatile and can be used across different print-on-demand products, such as posters, mugs, and more.

5. Other Ways To Make Money With Midjourney

Turning Kids' Drawings into Art:

Parents often cherish their children's drawings. One lucrative idea is to offer a service that transforms kids' doodles into professional artwork. By establishing a simple website and advertising on social media platforms, one can automate an AI art business, charging a fee for each uploaded drawing using Midjourney.

Web Design Made Easier:

Midjourney can greatly simplify the mockup process for web designers. By feeding the AI with existing website images, designers can generate unique ideas and present visually stunning proposals to clients. This approach allows designers to focus on customer service and initial mock-ups while outsourcing the coding aspect.

High-Quality Proposal Creation:

Midjourney empowers designers, interior decorators, and landscape artists to create impressive mock-ups based on clients' actual spaces. This eliminates the need for time-consuming verbal descriptions or extensive rendering work. By showcasing potential designs, professionals can win more clients and streamline their workflow.

Revamping Restaurant Menus:

Many local restaurants struggle to showcase their delicious food with low-quality menu photos. Leveraging Midjourney, designers can enhance existing food images, transforming them into professional-grade visuals. This value-added service can help restaurants attract customers and increase sales.