Story books using Midjourney and Chatgpt
Last Updated
13 July 2023

How to Launch a Successful Storybook Business Using AI Technology

Have you ever wondered how some simple storybooks for kids can generate significant passive income? In this post, I will guide you through the process of launching a similar business, starting from generating the book idea to creating high-quality illustrations, all by utilizing the power of AI technology. If you're interested in making passive income, keep reading until the end because this video contains valuable information you won't find anywhere else.

Discovering the Idea

While scrolling through Amazon in search of potential passive income ideas, I stumbled upon a storybook for kids. At first glance, it may not seem particularly interesting, but after conducting thorough research, I was amazed by the success of similar books. For example, one book received over 20,000 ratings, resulting in earnings of over $250,000 for the seller. Another book had generated over $188,000 with over 14,000 ratings. It was fascinating to learn that these books could be published for free using Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

 Amzon KDP Book Rating

Inspired by these success stories, I decided to create a similar book using AI technology and publish it on Amazon to generate passive income while sleeping. My goal with this post is to share this opportunity with as many people as possible. So, let's dive into the process and explore how you can create your own successful storybook business.

Generating the Book Idea

The first step in creating a good storybook is to come up with a captivating idea. I turned to a ChatGPT to help me generate a title for a storybook related to kids. The ChatGPT suggested "The Adventure of Sparky and Friends." This sounded like an exciting story that we could work with. Further discussions with the chatbot revealed that the book would target kids between the ages of four and eight, and it would revolve around Sparky and his friends embarking on thrilling adventures together. With the idea in place, we were ready to move forward.

Creating the Story Outline

Next, we needed to outline the story. The chatbot generated chapters and provided detailed scenes for each chapter. Here's a glimpse of the chapters:

  1. Chapter 1: Meet Sparky with His Friends

  2. Chapter 2: The Missing Treasure

  3. Chapter 3: [Chapter Name] , continue with all chapters.

With the story outline generated, we were ready to move on to creating the actual content.

Generating Story Content Using AI

To create the story content, we relied on AI technology. Using the ChatGPT, we copied each chapter and set the prompt to "write a rhythm story." The chatbot generated the story content for each chapter. If we weren't satisfied with the initial results, we could regenerate the answer until we were happy with the output. In just a few minutes, we had a complete story ready to be converted into a book without the need to write anything ourselves. The speed and efficiency of this process were truly remarkable.

Illustrating the Story Using AI Art Generation

Illustrations play a crucial role in captivating young readers. Typically, hiring artists to create illustrations can cost thousands of dollars. However, we found a cost-effective solution using AI art generation. By using the Midjourney AI art generator, we were able to generate original images by simply typing descriptive words. The best part? It was entirely free!

Here's how we utilized AI art generation to illustrate our story:

  1. Start by joining the Midjourney Discord server.

  2. Access the recently generated images, which are constantly updated due to the large number of users.

  3. Type "/imagine" to initiate the image generation process.

  4. Describe the image you want to generate based on the chapters previously generated.

  5. Choose the generated image that fits your vision. You can also upscale the image for a larger version.

  6. Save the images and repeat the process for each chapter, ensuring a consistent style.

In approximately 30 minutes, we had all the illustrations ready to use for our storybook. The Midjourney AI art generator proved to be a valuable tool in the creative process.

Combining Text and Images Using Canva

Now that we had the story content and illustrations, it was time to combine them to create a professional-looking storybook. We used Canva, a user-friendly graphic design platform that required no prior design skills.

  1. Visit and search for "storybook."

  2. Create a blank storybook template.

  3. Upload the AI-generated images to Canva and drag and drop the first image into the template.

  4. Copy the corresponding chapter text from the chatbot and paste it onto the image in Canva.

  5. Customize the text by adjusting the color, font style, and adding effects like shadows.

  6. Duplicate the template to maintain a consistent style throughout the book.

  7. Repeat the process for all chapters, saving the book as a PDF for printing.

By following these steps, we successfully created our very first storybook with a professional layout and engaging illustrations. Now, there's only one step left to start making passive income.

Publishing Your Book on Amazon

The final step is to publish your book on Amazon. Although explaining the entire process would require considerable time, I have provided a step-by-step guide in the video description. This guide will walk you through the process of publishing your book on Amazon using Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Here's a quick recap of the steps:

  1. Generate the story idea using the ChatGPT.

  2. Generate the story outline and chapters.

  3. Generate the illustrations using the Midjourney AI art generator.

  4. Add the story text to the images using Canva and save it as a PDF for printing.

  5. Follow the step-by-step guide provided in the video description to publish your book on Amazon.

  6. Don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to the channel for more upcoming videos.

Congratulations! You've successfully created your very own storybook and set the foundation for generating passive income. Now it's time to reap the rewards of your hard work and enjoy the journey of running a successful storybook business.