Last Updated
07 July 2023

Must Have ChatGPT Plugins To Boost Productivity

ChatGPT, with its remarkable capabilities, becomes even more powerful with the addition of plugins. As an avid explorer of ChatGPT plugins, We've tested numerous options to bring you the best ones that not only save time but also equip you with superpowers. In this article, We'll introduce you to these plugins, highlighting their features and potential benefits. Let's dive in!

1. Webpilot Plugin: A Game-Changer for Web Interactions

Webpilot is an incredible plugin designed for users who actively interact with web pages. With this plugin, you can provide a link, and ChatGPT will extract information from that page and assemble it into a well-formatted article. It allows you to ask questions about the content of the web page you're visiting, providing answers and thought-provoking insights.

From generating summaries of web page content to extracting keywords for SEO purposes, Webpilot is a valuable tool for editors, content creators, SEO specialists, and copywriters. It even extends its functionality to PDFs, making it a boon for students and researchers seeking to process large amounts of material efficiently.

2. ChatGPT Code Interpreter: Running Python Code and Data Analysis

The ChatGPT Code Interpreter plugin is a legendary gem available to a select few. It allows you to run Python code directly within a chat, empowering you with the ability to upload and download files. This plugin not only lets you execute Python code but also enables you to upload and download files, making it a powerful tool for data analysis. You can process large datasets, generate insightful visualizations, and even manipulate images.

From calculations to visualizations, the Code Interpreter plugin expands the capabilities of ChatGPT and opens up endless possibilities. From crunching massive datasets to creating structured diagrams and plots, the Code Interpreter plugin streamlines data-related tasks. Furthermore, it even works with images, enabling you to manipulate colors, sizes, backgrounds, and more. While not a comprehensive photo editor, it can certainly aid in specific image-related tasks.

3. edX Plugin: Navigating the World of Online Courses

Educating oneself and finding the right courses can be a challenging task. However, the edX plugin simplifies the process by allowing you to ask for a specific course. It generates a list of courses from top universities, providing links and descriptions. Whether you're a student or an individual looking to expand your skill set, this plugin offers an opportunity to learn from the best at your own pace.

The best part? Some courses are available for free, making it a dream come true for lifelong learners. For example, you can ask for recommendations on top physics courses from reputable universities and receive links to enroll in those courses. It's an excellent way to broaden your knowledge and continue learning.

4. Speechki Plugin: Transforming Text into Audio

Sometimes, hearing text read aloud can be more engaging and convenient. The Speechki plugin allows you to seamlessly convert text into downloadable audio files. By requesting text-to-audio conversion, you'll receive links to listen to or download the generated audio. It's a handy tool for content creators, accessibility purposes, or simply enjoying the text in an audio format. The generated voice sounds natural and can be useful for various purposes, including video content creation or audio presentations. This plugin provides an integrated solution for text-to-speech conversion within ChatGPT.

5. There Is an AI for That: Finding AI Tools Made Easy

With the multitude of AI tools available, it can be overwhelming to find the right ones for your needs. That's where the "There Is an AI for That" plugin comes in. By simply typing in a prompt describing the kind of AI tool you require, this plugin generates a list of tools along with short descriptions and links. While the plugin's knowledge is limited to pre-September 2021 information, it still serves as a useful resource to explore and discover AI tools that may enhance your workflow or business operations.

6. Zapier Plugin: Connecting and Automating Apps

Zapier is a powerful plugin that allows you to connect and control over 5,000 different apps through ChatGPT. By integrating services like Google Sheets, Trello, Salesforce, and many more, Zapier simplifies data transfer and automation. You can perform various actions, such as sending emails, transferring data, or triggering specific events, all from one central place. For individuals who manage multiple apps and need to streamline their workflows, Zapier is a lifesaver.

This plugin simplifies data transfer and task automation, saving you time and effort in managing different software tools. It's a must-have for those with multiple app dependencies in their workflow.

7. Copart: Finding the Best Deals

Copart is an incredibly useful plugin that searches the internet for the best deals and provides you with coupon codes. Whether you're looking for discounts on products or services, Copart can help you find relevant coupon codes. By activating the plugin and specifying your search, you'll receive a list of available coupon codes and links to the respective websites. It's a fantastic way to save money while shopping online.

8. Instacart Plugin: Simplifying Meal Planning and Shopping

Meal planning and grocery shopping can be tedious tasks. The Instacart plugin aims to streamline this process by generating meal ideas and creating a shopping list for you. By asking for a meal plan, recipes, and a list of ingredients, the plugin generates suggestions and even provides links to Instacart's website, where you can view the required ingredients and their prices. This plugin saves time and eliminates the hassle of meal planning and wandering through grocery stores aimlessly.

9. Business Prompts: Boosting Sales and Productivity

For businesses and entrepreneurs, ChatGPT can be a game-changer when used effectively. The Business Prompts plugin offers a collection of ready-made prompts designed to maximize effectiveness, minimize work time, and improve earnings. Whether you're a marketing specialist or a business owner, these prompts can accelerate your workflow, automate tasks, and optimize your business strategies. Take advantage of this plugin to unleash the full potential of ChatGPT for your business.

10. Bramework SEO Plugin: Optimizing Website Content

Bramework introduces the SEO plugin, which aims to enhance website search engine optimization (SEO). By inputting a link to an article, the plugin analyzes it and offers suggestions for SEO improvement. It also generates relevant keywords based on the article's content. The plugin performs as expected, providing actionable insights and keyword suggestions. For website owners and content creators, this plugin can serve as a valuable tool to boost their SEO efforts.

While some ChatGPT plugins prove to be useful and deliver on their promises, others may fall short or cater to specific needs. It is crucial to explore and experiment with different plugins to determine which ones align with your requirements and workflow. ChatGPT plugins have the potential to enhance productivity and provide new functionalities, but their effectiveness may vary from person to person. As the plugin ecosystem evolves, it's worth keeping an eye out for new additions that could further expand the capabilities of ChatGPT.